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Privacy policy


Our company recognizes that proper handling of personal information is one of our social responsibilities as a company, and we have implemented the following initiatives.

  • 1.Our company strictly observes the provisions of the “Act on the Protection of Personal Information” and related laws when handling personal information.
  • 2.Our company takes into consideration the nature of work undertaken, the nature of the personal information handled, and the quantity handled, and conducts appropriate handling of personal information accordingly.
  • 3.Our company takes necessary and appropriate measures to prevent leakage, loss, or damage to personal data, in addition to other measures for the safe management of personal data.
  • 4.Our company maintains and continually improves an internal control structure for the appropriate handling of personal data.
Handing of personal infomation partaining to Customer and tradition partners

Our company strictly observes the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, and handles personal information pertaining to customers and transaction partners in the manner prescribed below.

1. Purpose of Use
Our company uses personal information pertaining to customers and transaction partners to provide our customers with excellent services, and to seek harmonious trading and communication with our business associates.
Our company treats personal information pertaining to customers and transaction partners as information not to be provided to third parties.
  • Personal information is used in the execution of product and service provision operations, including confirmation of company service utilization status, product shipping, and office communications.
  • Personal information is used in relation to settlement of accounts in transactions with our company.
  • Personal information is used in approaches made to entities seen as possible future transaction partners or subjects of information gathering, and for delivery of information about our products or services, etc.
*Subcontracting Practices
Processing and other duties related to the Purpose of Use indicated above may be subcontracted outside the company. When subcontracting, our company decides upon elements necessary for measures to prevent the leakage of data, such as selection of subcontractors who handle personal information appropriately and conclusion of confidentiality agreements in advance, and strives to protect personal information.
2. Safety Measures pertaining to Use
We take appropriate measures to protect personal information from unlawful access by external parties, loss, alteration, and leakage, in order to secure the confidentiality and safety of personal information pertaining to customers and transaction partners.
3. Personal Information Disclosure, etc.
With regard to personal information pertaining to customers or transaction partners, if our company receives a request from a party to whom personal information belongs, regarding the disclosure of content, revision or addition, or termination of usage etc. of the personal information corresponding to the person in question, we will promptly respond to that request.
Privacy Policy Enquiries

Please contact your customer representative, our Head Office, or the plant concerned.

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